These little squares can change your life

Mobile Moves These Little Squares Image


If we go back like 20 years ago the help you have chillin in your pocket would cost about $250,000+.

Thats your project manager, designer, developer, co-founder, writer, editor as paid collaborators.

But things done changed. We're here in the 2021 and all of those positions are no longer people in real life. These positions are held by these lil squares on your phone.


So. You have talent and ideas. You have a phone and you have apps.

Looks like you have a business and employees.

It is completely wild whats accessible to use these days. It can be easy to take it for granted.

But when you zoom out and peep whats available - it's time to download, plan, publish and profit. Early.

Project manager: Asana


Designer: Canva

Developer: Shopify

Co-Founder: Find them on Twitter / Linkedin /

Editor: Grammarly

Put them thumbs to good use and have them scrolling through testimonials of people you've helped and in turn, peep the bank account on swole.

Hire your employees and put them to work.