Starting is simple

Sticking with it is the Challenge.

Jumping over the hurdle of starting on your idea can be tough but once done it’s refreshing.

After starting, it’s easy to be like, that was simple.

But then, the challenge begins, sticking with it.

Enter the compound effect.

Just a bit of work everyday, every other day, whatever the consistent schedule, that work builds.

That work will grow.

After a short while, a habit is formed.

We are not what we eat but, we are the sum of what our habits yield.

A reason why can be the north star.

Not goals, but outcomes.

  • The outcome of working on a dream everyday.

  • The outcome of working out everyday.

  • The outcome of meditating everyday.

With the outcome in mind and the consistency of habits, the challenge of sticking with what has been started evaporates.

Start it and stick with it, daily.

Make Mobile Moves.