How to be ice cold in these digital streets

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It starts with belief.

The tool is your phone.

The product is your talent.

Let's get started.

Develop your idea. Solve a problem for specific people. Publish that idea. Promote that idea, daily. Repeat 🔁

A little more detail:

1️⃣ Plan out whats going to combine 2 things, one is your unique experience two is how that experience solves a problem for a group of people. Key - put the plan into action before you're ready.

2️⃣ Publish that product online and get your cash somehow. For instance make a store. The store displays your solution, your story and your price for that solution and you launch that product with something like

  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Gumroad
  • Wix

3️⃣ Promote your new baby daily. People can't buy from you if they don't know / remember what you're offering. You can't get closer to the freedom of divorcing trading your time for money without those sales. Let the people know that you got what they need.

After these basics are done you'll find out the nuances of what your audience likes, when and how they wanna hear from you and on which platform etc...

But you can't get to the nuance if you keep the idea in your head.

Take that idea from the 🧠 to the 📲 and let the 🌎 know.